Fertility Profile – VI And Blood Sample Collection in Amritsar

 Blood Sample Collection in Amritsar

Fertility is a capability of a person’s ability to reproduce whether it is a man or a women. Fertility checkups are done to check the fertility conditions of a person but sometimes are recommended in case of some serious conditions. Fertility has a different source of getting the tests done for every gender.

Fertility tests are an essential part of fertility evaluation and treatment. Gynaecologists (doctor specializing in fertility for female) and andrologists (doctor specializing infertility for men) recommends the tests for the proper evaluation mostly when the couple is not having babies or when some serious injuries or condition is seen in the reproductive parts of the person.

In many scenarios when a woman or man is asked or recommended by someone or wants to go for fertility tests on their own, there are some different options she can choose from. A gynaecologist or andrologist may recommend an ultrasound to check the inner damage, an ovary test, a blood test at the time of menstruation, etc.


Blood tests that determine the fertility level are done under a signified period mainly on the second or third day of the menstruation. Blood sample collected is processed under different circumstances for different profiles for the hormonal tests which are comparatively higher in the menstruation.

There are many types of fertility tests profiles present in Santushti Path Labs. Here we will discuss a FERTILITY PROFILE – VI by the lab which also provides the services of Blood Sample Collection in Amritsar. 

 Fertility Profile – VI

Tests present in this profile and can be done from home with the services of Blood Sample Collection in Amritsar are:-

FSH: – Follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) is a hormone associated with reproduction and development of the eggs in women and sperms in males. It also helps in diagnosing polycystic ovary diseases and infertility if the levels are low. Its levels in the blood measure the rate of fertility in women.

LH:- Luteinizing hormone is responsible for the ovulation and development of the corpus which determines the period of fertility in women and produces sperm in men. Its acute rise can trigger ovulation which is the most fertile period of women and also helps in measuring the chances of getting pregnant.

TESTO:- Testosterone is known as the male hormone, this is included in the test because an excessive amount of testosterone in women signifies potential fertility problems.

In any case, if a couple is unable to conceive, so fertility tests are recommended to both of them for better knowledge about the condition and its treatment with the help of Blood Sample Collection in Amritsar. 

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