Best Diagnostic Centre in Amritsar

Best Diagnostic Centre in Amritsar

The One-Stop-Diagnostic center caters to the total variety of diagnostic services comprising Radiology, Imaging, Pathology, Corporate healthcare, and Preventive Healthcare. The Best Diagnostic Centre in Amritsar is guided by our idea and task of offering the newest high-end reliable and precise diagnostic services to our clients and patients at competitive prices in a manner. Our primary aim is to go above and beyond the hope of our clients and patients, which is accomplished through our accessibility, rapidity, and consistency to those we serve. We look to build and retain lasting relations with our clients and patients with the repute of offering high-quality, considerate and receptive service to our customers.

The center is equipped with the newest state-of-the-art technology with best-in-class service supported by the newest technology, an experienced squad of consultants having an ethical and holistic approach to medical analysis. Since around 80% of clinical decisions need diagnostics support, we guarantee proficient, precise, and timely diagnostic reports by using invasion of cutting edge technologies, robust infrastructure, and employing the sharpest minds in the field of diagnostics.

Our flagship opening in Punjab’s FIRST 1.5 Tesla Silent MRI which has High definition, ultra-high-resolution image quality. The unit offers QUITE exams with up to 97% decrease in sound and patient-friendly free-breathing exams with up to 55% higher speed. It has a wide variety of applications in sophisticated neuro-imaging. With its metal-implant artifact lessening technology, most patients with metal implants can also be tested. As an option for a PET scan, our 1.5-Tesla MRI offers Whole-body MRI for tumor staging and follows up without any radiation disclosure.

Our Values

Quality –

The patient comes first in all we do. We endeavor to provide each patient and every customer with services and products of adamant quality — error-free, on time, each time. We do that by dedicating ourselves to the persistent pursuit of fineness in the services we offer.

Integrity – 

Credibility is the key to our success; therefore, all of our processes, decisions, and actions eventually are driven by integrity. We are sincere and up-front in all our dealings with our customers and with each other. We are liable corporate citizens in the society we serve. We strictly obey the laws and regulations governing our business, not only as a legal requirement and as a competitive need, but as it is the correct thing to do.

Innovation – 

We continually seek pioneering ways to improve patient care and provide worth to our customers. We support the originality, valor, and perseverance that transform info into knowledge, and knowledge into insights. We seek incessant learning through the version of existing knowledge, and through carrying out tests, with the full perception that we discover from our failures as well as our successes.

Accountability – 

As a company and as individuals, we acknowledge full liability for our presentation and recognize our accountability for the eventual outcome of all that we do. We strive for incessant improvement, believing that capability, consistency, and exact obedience to process regulation are the keys to superiority.



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